Referral Gamification Software

For most recruitment agencies referrals are one of the most cost-effective sources of placeable candidates, however, the volume of these generated by the recruitment team varies tremendously by individual recruiter and is rarely consistent. Roi-AI referral gamification software solves these problems, providing your agency with a true alternative candidate sourcing tool.

Recruitment Referral Gamification

Full Transparency

Every referral stakeholder is given complete transparency throughout the process. This results in increased trust in the referral process and therefore a high number of good quality referrals. This


Roi-AI can be programmed to suit your agencies specific referral program. Whether it is a standard ‘refer, 90 day probation and reward’ or something significantly more complex, Roi-AI can handle it.

Customisable Referral Gamification

True Referral Gamification

One of the biggest barriers to successful referrals is too much complexity and not enough rewarding. Get your referral community engaged by offering a points-based reward system that provides instant gratification for every positive action.

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