May 24

Talent X: Where people, strategy and technology collide

Optimising the recruitment and staffing space for the future world of work will be the focus of RCSA’s Talent X event on June 3.

The RCSA has grown its highly successful TechXpo event and transformed it into Talent X – a one-day exhibition-style conference showcasing the latest solutions and technology for the recruitment, staffing and workforce solutions industry.

This future-focused event will cover key themes including how to drive innovation, how to prepare for tomorrow, how to keep the human-focus in an increasingly automated space, and forecasting the future of recruitment and HR tech.

The RCSA has invited several partners of Talent X to showcase their products and services during the day of interactive and thought-provoking sessions.

Attendees will be exposed to the solutions and concepts driving the future world of work and in turn equip them to lead positive change in their people, their processes, and themselves.

Helping with the event’s goal of inspiring transformation in the sector will be Director of Growth at Vincere, Eloise Sutton.

“We’re new partners of the RCSA and really looking forward to showing people how Vincere’s all-in-one platform can help Aussie recruiters escape the dreaded Frankenstack, reducing the number of third party apps you need to use alongside your CRM,” Eloise said.

“The past year highlighted how vital it is to have modern, high-performing technology across the front/middle and back office of a recruitment business.

“Recruiters must be constantly open to the newest, most innovative technology in the market to avoid getting left behind. Talent X is a one stop shop to see what’s new in the industry and easiest way to arm yourself with knowledge so you’re on the front-foot.”

Founder of Onboarded and co-founder of smartAI, Raj Soni, said he was excited to be showcasing automation solutions for the industry at Talent X.

Winner of 2019 RCSA Pitchfest TechXpo event, Raj and his teams have been providing technical solutions for the industry for more than 20 years.

“Last year, we all had to evolve and digitally transform almost overnight. Some did it better than others, but overall, we won’t be in this race for long if we don’t adapt to the changing conditions of the world today,” he said.

“Apart from networking opportunities, Talent X brings together technology partners who are dedicated in delivering cutting-edge solutions to our industry under one roof.”

Raj said during the COVID period they were many different solutions that had been developed to help automate and enhanced a user’s experience of a business.

“At Talent X my team and I will be showing people how they can automate the entire recruiting process from the time someone applies for a job to competed onboarding while keeping recruiters and candidates engaged using our smartAI and Onboarded solutions,” he said.

Entrepreneur and public speaker, Chris South, has been taking part in Talent X since the start, and this year will be discussing new ways marketing and technology can help recruitment agencies grow.

Chris is managing director of recruitment marketing agency, Prominence, as well as CEO of marketing automation business, Roi-AI.

“COVID unintentionally provided recruitment leaders with the time to carefully look at their operations, which for many may not have changed that significantly in the last decade,” he said.

“There is now an established ecosystem of solutions that work hand-in-hand from front to back office, covering everything from business intelligence, automation and compliance through to smarter invoicing and sourcing.”

Chris said at Talent X he would be demonstrating how Roi-AI, a new automation platform, could be easily applied to a business’s existing recruitment database.

“It’s designed with a single goal in mind, to help recruitment agencies save time/money and generate more revenue,” he said.

Talent X will be delivered to hundreds of managers, executives and decisions makers at the International Convention Centre, Sydney, on June 3. To purchase tickets please click here.

This news was originally featured on RCSA.


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