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with Recruitment Automation

Roi-AI is an automated technology solution built specifically to enable recruitment agencies to generate revenue from their own databases.

Utilising machine learning, chatbots, activity tracking and email / text automation we help recruiters to focus on the human element of recruitment.

The Roi-AI Automation Platform

Marketing Automation

Roi-AI Recruitment Chatbot

Marketing Automation

Looking to make cold prospects warm, get more value out of your existing recruiter database, reduce spend on candidate sourcing, or activate old sales leads?

With advanced email, text, WhatsApp and chatbot lead nurturing, database cleansing and re-engagement functionality, this is what Roi-AI was built to do.

Recruitment Automation

Reduce the cost of compliance, avoid expensive dropouts and get real time data on how your recruiters are doing.

Explore how Roi-AI’s automated registration, compliance and business performance insights tools can make your recruitment business more efficient.

Business Processes Automation

Recruitment Automation

User Activity Scoring


Recruiter User Activity Scoring

User Activity Scoring

Our smart AI knows when a client opens a CV, a top candidate becomes active or even when someone you placed visits your job board. Plus, give a score to each unique activity to bring your database to life.

Give your sales team the edge with recruitment automation.

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