Recruitment Marketing Automation Software

Get more from your existing database with industry leading technology working for your brand 24/7 365 days a year.

Email & Text Marketing

Communicate with your audiences where they are most comfortable.
Roi-AI is omni-channel, utilise our market leading HTML email builder, choose to send plain text email or text message the choice is yours. What’s more, Roi-AI will even automatically send to a backup communication channel should the first one no longer be valid.

Prebuilt Customisable Templates

The Roi-AI platform has been built with the view that for marketing automation to be a success it should be simple to use. Therefore, we have built a suite of ready-to-use marketing automation templates.

Database Cleansing/Reactivation

Turn your database from a dormant repository to a live value-adding machine. Utilise Roi-AI trigger-based automations to reach out to candidates with missing details or limited activity and get their latest information straight into your database through our conversation forms or chatbots.

Database Cleansing/Reactivation

Your Brand Not Ours

We understand that in order for your brand to achieve maximum return it is essential that all communication come from your business, not some other provider. Therefore, everything within the Roi-AI marketing automation platform will be customised to fit your brand.

Prospect Nurturing for Recruiters

Prospect Nurturing

Found several top candidates on LinkedIn but struggling to get hold of them? Add them to a Roi-AI prospect nurturing automation then sit back and relax (or more likely get on with something else!) and we will reach out through a series of emails or texts and let you know when they respond.

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