Business Process Automation Software

Save time, money and resources by automating manual business processes and workflows across your recruitment agency.

Clean and Update Your Database

A single Roi-AI automation can replace the work that would take a team of data entry or validation specialists months to complete.

Archive candidates with missing details - automatically archive candidates with missing mobile or email details.

Recode Your Database - enable the Roi-AI Recode automation and immediately change all candidates with activity in the last two months to be Active.

Protect Your Business

Ensure critical compliance processes are carried out - never find yourself with un-compliant candidates out working again. Roi-AI automations can remind your team that a temp’s licence or certification is expiring or better still, contact the candidate to get their details updated.

Start check and after-care - avoid your temps and contractors falling into a communication blackhole. Use Roi-AI After-care automations and chatbots to regularly check and identify potential issues ahead of time. 

Get Real Time Feedback

Pulse check at every key stage - send short and engaging NPS and other surveys throughout the entire recruitment journey to be notified in real time how your recruitment team is representing your brand.

Bonus - we also have an automation that will encourage positive customers to leave feedback on key review platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Your Brand Not Ours

We understand that in order for your brand to achieve maximum return it is essential that all communication come from your business, not some other provider. Therefore, everything within the Roi-AI marketing automation platform will be customised fit your brand.

Improve Candidate Experience

Respond to every application – let candidates know you have received their application and what they can expect with this simple yet effective automation.

Automatically reject old applications - for a recruitment agency one of the single most damaging aspects for your brand is not providing feedback on a job application. Avoid this by setting Roi-AI to automatically send rejection emails to applicants after a prescribed period of time or when the job is filled.

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