Behind every great idea there are many interwoven smaller ideas, Roi-AI is no different. Our recruitment marketing and business process automation platform consist of four key elements. Each of which is designed with a single goal in mind, to help recruitment agencies generate more revenue.

Even better, every part of Roi-AI has been built with a broad range of pre-built templates that can simply be turned on at the flick of a switch (button!).

Feel free to browse each platform component below or if you would prefer to see them in action, book a demo now.

Marketing Automation

  • Get more value from your database
  • Nurture leads with conversational forms and chatbots
  • Set and forget email/text/WhatsApp marketing
  • Prebuilt campaign templates

Business Process Automation

  • Reduce administrative cost
  • Make your business more efficient
  • Set and forget templates
  • Capture instant customer feedback


Activity Scoring

  • Bring your database to life
  • Real-time email/text read receipts
  • Customisable scoring
  • Track website activity

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