JobAdder Integration

As our first recruitment database partner, JobAdder holds a special place in our hearts.

Roi-AI has one of the most comprehensive JobAdder integrations of all the JobAdder Preferred Partners. For our mutual customers this means that the JobAdder automation experience between the two platform is seamless.

JobAdder Automation

Check out the quick video below to see how Roi-AI candidate or client user activity can be seen directly in JobAdder and through the Chrome Extension.

Since turning on an automation focused on updating our internal data, we’ve seen over 4,000 people update their profiles. Doing this without Roi-AI would have been impossible.

Karis McKenna Marketing Manager, Design & Build

Our engagement with marketing emails has gone up exponentially since we began utising Roi-AI nurture campaigns to promote candidate profiles to clients.

Adam Weraksa Director, W Talent

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