September 12

JobAdder and Roi-AI announce an exclusive reseller agreement to empower recruiters with automation

JobAdder is excited to announce that we have entered into an exclusive reseller agreement with Roi-AI, a fully integrated automation and multi-channel communication tool, to enable JobAdder’s customers to generate more value from their database.

JobAdder’s partnership with Roi-AI empowers recruiters to operate efficiently by automating repetitive and tedious administrative tasks. JobAdder’s intuitive ATS and CRM streamline the recruitment workflow, from job posting to candidate selection and placement. At the same time, Roi-AI’s automation capabilities supercharge the process, ensuring that recruiters remain competitive and swiftly identify top talent within the job market.

The partnership delivers a superior candidate experience, from automated status updates to tailored follow-ups. Candidate and client data will flow seamlessly between both platforms, saving recruiters time on data input. Recruiters can reclaim these hours spent on manual processes and instead focus on building stronger client relationships and driving business growth.

Customers will experience benefits such as a Chrome extension for activity alerts, an exclusive support hub, 30 pre-built templates, and the administrative ease of the two products included on one invoice. Those already using the integration have experienced increased candidate engagement, improved data hygiene, and new business development channels.

JobAdder and Roi-AI are at the forefront of the AI and automation revolution within recruitment as the industry increasingly embraces these capabilities to streamline and optimise processes. Independently and together, they translate these cutting-edge technologies into tangible and easy-to-use solutions for their customers to add value to their services.

Martin Herbst, CEO of JobAdder, said: “In the high-paced world of recruitment, time is a precious commodity. This strategic partnership blends JobAdder’s user-friendly ATS and CRM with Roi-AI’s automation capabilities to remove mundane admin tasks so recruiters can do what they do best: place awesome people.”

“This synergy between JobAdder and Roi-AI highlights the role of technology in reshaping the recruitment industry. It offers a promising glimpse into the future, where automation and AI-driven tools will continue to optimise the recruitment process. The result? A more efficient, data-driven approach that benefits both recruiters and candidates. This partnership is not merely about technology integration but about empowering recruiters to work smarter, nurturing relationships with candidates and clients and ultimately driving business growth,” Mr Herbst continued.

Chris South, Founder and CEO of Roi-AI, said: “We knew that to develop a market-leading automation and multi-channel communication product, we had to partner with the recruitment industry’s best. It’s for this reason we chose JobAdder.”

“The partnership has continued to grow from strength to strength, to a point where Roi-AI now has one of the most comprehensive JobAdder integrations, providing our mutual customers with a simple-to-use and powerful automation solution,” Mr South said.

About JobAdder

JobAdder is the ATS and CRM that recruiters love to use. It’s made for recruitment agencies, staffing firms, and talent acquisition teams who want everything in one place without the complexity. Use it as a standalone platform or plug and play with 10+ add-ons and 100+ partners.

About Roi-AI

Roi-AI is an automation and multi-channel communication tool that enables recruitment agencies to generate more revenue from their own database. Utilising chatbots, activity tracking and email/text automation, Roi-AI enables recruiters to focus on the human element of recruitment.


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